Dina’s guidance was invaluable in getting my drawing to where I wanted it to be. She is patient and insightful, with helpful advice and instruction on all parts of the process. I’ve worked with her on all sorts of projects, including a life-sized self portrait in graphite, which I would never have been able to complete without the confidence and troubleshooting she provided.
— Benjamin, Artist
I had the privilege of working with Dina in a classroom setting. As a fellow art instructor, I found Dina building all sorts of creative and inspiring lessons for the little ones. Dina provided guidance suitable to each child’s needs and encouraged practicing self-expression. The children had fun fabricating their imaginations with the given art mediums and were able to find their own uniqueness in each artwork. Dina’s patience and encouragements assisted students to become confident young artists.
— Soojin Lee, Art Instructor
I had the pleasure of working with Dina on a drawing for a recent project titled, Between apocalyptic apprehensions, and dreams of deliverance, a multi-medium art installation as part of the exhibition I scarcely have the right to use this ghostly verb, which took place at The New School in Manhattan in 2014. The drawing needed to be completed very quickly and under difficult conditions. It was a projection transfer as well as an enlargement of an archival bomber pilot document from WWII. It was not an easy task since I am a photographer with absolutely no drawing skills. Dina brought great energy and knowledge to our drawing sessions and as a result brought the work into realization. She was kind and patient, and also very smart in terms which paper and pencils would be the best fit in terms of the conceptual approach to the piece. Dina is a talented and creative artist with a strong attention to detail and her assistance with my drawing far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I highly recommend working with Dina and will look forward to working with her again in the future.
— heather m. o'brien, Artist