drawing: graphite. pencils. mechanical pencils. ink. colored pencils. markers. 

painting: watercolor. acrylic. ink washes. fabric painting and dyeing.

sculpture: wood working. found objects. soft sculpture. sewing. embroidery. furniture. 

4D and digital: beginners photoshop. beginners film editing and animation. stop motion. performance. conceptual art.

other: writing and speaking about art. portfolio reviews. the art of critique.



Individual private lessons: $100 per hour, plus monthly materials fee (TBD)

Group lessons (for 3-5 students): $50 per student per hour, plus monthly materials fee (TBD)

Art Parties (for up to 30 guests): $300 per hour,  plus material costs (TBD)

Assignments: $100 per month 

I do offer a sliding fee scale and discounts. Please inquire.